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Editor's Note: Since Blogger no longer allows off-site publishing, reader comments have not been visible on the original (and considerably larger) Decrepitude of the Souther Tier blog, I have posted them here. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

we stumbled across your site, what a shit show. your dedication to utter squalor amused me as well as my girlfriend, an Endwell native! she is now even prouder to have been raised in such decrepit shithole. keep up the good work!
By Luke on Endwell, Part VI on 6/18/10

My father's ancestors lived in the hills above the town of Angelica. There was once an old family farm on Peavy Road where he spent many childhood days. The farms are long gone now, left to the elements and neglect. With the passing of my father and his generation, event he memories are fading. Thanks for the photo.

At one point we were going to buy that house, you wouldnt belive the woodwork it has inside.
By raddol on Lowman, Part I on 5/13/11

sad sad sad!
By Mary on Grand Central on 11/7/10

This building actually sold! Have you seen the recent activity lately? Nice photo project. I hope to do one of my own someday! Thank you, great work.
By Mary on The Parlor City, Part IV on 11/7/10

Sad to see my old high school in Chenango Forks looking like this. S.W. Tipton, Columbus, OH
By Sharon on Old Glory on 10/29/10

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