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Sobriquet 87.1: Playlist for "The Cellar," 7/24/12

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Playlist Theme: 1978: The Year in U.K. Punk

The Playlist:

1. The Adverts, "No Time to Be 21" (2:36). The Anthology
2. The Rezillos, "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight" (1:58). Can't Stand the Rezillos: The (Almost) Complete Collection
3. Cock Sparrer, "Taken for a Ride" (2:03). The Decca Years
4. Crass, "End Result" *2:04). The Feeding of the 5000
5. The Lurkers, "I Don't Need to Tell Her" (3:06). Fulham Fallout
6. Generation X, "Youth Youth Youth" (6:06). Generation X
7. X-Ray-Spex, "Art-I-Ficial" (3:25). The Anthology
8. The Only Ones, "Lovers of Today" (3:12). Special View
9. Sham 69, "Tell Us the Truth" (2:10). Tell Us the Truth
10. The Buzzcocks, "Fast Cars" (2:31). Operator's Manual
11. The Vibrators, "Automatic Lover" (2:28). The Early Years
12. The Jam, "Down in the Tube Station at Midnight" (4:45). All Mod Cons
13. The Clash, "Safe European Home" (3:50). Give 'Em Enough Rope
14. Predator, "Punk Man" (3:40). Punk Man 7"
15. The Nips, "All the Time in the World" (3:20). All the Time in the World
16. Television Personalities, "Part Time Punks" (2:37). Where's Bill Grundy Now?
17. Kevin Short & His Privates, "Punk Strut" (3:14). Punk Strut 7"
18. The Alternators, "No Answers" (3:06). The Alternators 7"

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