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Playlist Theme: SST Records Releases

The Playlist:

1. Black Flag, "My War" (1:32). My War
2. Black Flag, "Rise Above" (2:27). Damaged
3. Bad Brains, "I Against I" (2:51). I Against I
4. Minutemen, "Tension" (1:20). Post-Mersh, Vol. 1
5. Bl'ast, "Only Time Will Tell" (5:23). It's In My Blood
6. Decendents, "Hope" (2:00). Two Things at Once
7. Descendents, "Myage" (2:01). Two Things at Once
8. Meat Puppets, "Our Friends" (2:12). Meat Puppets
9. Painted Willie, "405" (3;17). Mind Bowling
10. Saccharine Trust, "Effort to Waste" (2:27). Paganicons
11. Gone, "Peter Gone" (2:28). Let's Get Gone, Real Gone for a Change
12. Subhumans, "America Commits Suicide" (2:49). No Wishes, No Prayers
13. Dicks, "Rich Daddy" (2:27). Kill From The Heart/Hate the Police
14. fIREHOSE, "Brave Captain" (3:16). Ragin', Full-On
15. Stains, "Violent Children / Gang-Related Death" (3:00). Stains
16. Sonic Youth, "The World Looks Red" (2:43). Confusion is Sex
17. Angst, "This Gun's For You" (2:33). Lite Life
18. Hüsker Dü, "Pink Turns to Blue" (2:43). Zen Arcade
19. Hüsker Dü, "Something I Learned Today" (2:03). Zen Arcade
20. Hüsker Dü, "First of the Last Calls" (2:46). Metal Circus

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